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27 °C

After a long 22 hour flight, I have finally made it back to Pearson!
This adventure that I have went on was the best experience of my life! I have met so many people, got to live as a different culture, see the livelihood, the art, and of course my favourite...The Food!

Here I would like to recap all of the pictures that I haven't posted!

This was honestly a dream of mine to be able to travel to all of these places and I am so happy i was able to go to three continents! If you ever get the chance to visit the places I have went to, I hope you see the same things I did! I loved every minute of it and I would do it all over again. But I am so tired and now I just want to sleep in my bed haha! Thanks for coming along with me on my dream vacation around the world! I hope you enjoyed it and i will upload soon when i go on more adventures, but for now see you later!

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30 °C

Hey! Today is going to be the best day of my life! As I have a Filipino background, and never got to go the the Philippines I will be staying here for a few days before my vacation is complete! I will be staying with my family that lives here, so I have great tour guides that will take me to local places! So come along my journey as I have reached my final destination: The Philippines!

Here in the Philippines it is always hot. There is always sun shining but on some occasions there are floods and other natural disasters so i have to be cautious of my surroundings. But on a positive note, I will be sharing with all of you the wonderful journey I am about to experience! The first stop is the famous Mall of Asia. This mall is so huge, and of course as an avid shopper i cannot wait to check out all the cool things that are available here!
This mall is the 13th biggest mall in the world and is filled with over 600 shops and 200 dining experiences!
Here are some pictures of the mall:

Oh! And I forgot to mention...there is a skating rink on the main floor!

Continuing on, my favourite food of all time would have to be Filipino food as it is what i grew up eating and continuing to eat! So here is a famous Filipino restaurant called Jollibee! And they are actually building one in Toronto very soon! But to explain the type of food they serve, it is the Filipino version of Mcdonald's but with added foods.
This meal is a popular one on the menu, a piece of fried chicken, and sweet spaghetti with hot dogs. So good!

Next up I will be showing some things that can only be found in the Philippines and they may be very strange to some people, but it creates culture and uniqueness to the country!
1. Drinking from plastic bags
This may seem very odd but many filipinos do this as it saves bottles and it is cheaper for the store owners to sell drinks for a lower cost
2.Many people eat something called "Balut", and saying it in the easiest way possible is a duck that is not properly developed and it is located inside an egg.
3. Everyone loves their spaghetti sweet with hot dogs
4. A popular way for transportation is through a Jeepney
5. There is a Waterfall restaurant
6. There is a very popular dessert called "Halo Halo" which is a mix of a variety of sweet condiments topped with shaved ice and ice cream!
7. It is home to the most beautiful beaches and Islands
8. There is no language barrier, most people are able to speak English very well
9.There is a place to get ice cream in the middle of the ocean
10. And lastly the breathtaking views and scenery at night

Although I was here the longest it had felt like i was only here for a day! I will miss it so much but now it is time to go back home to see my friends and family and tell them about my wonderful experiences!

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South Korea

25 °C

Hello everyone! I am in South Korea! I have always wanted to come here too! And I cannot wait to spend the next few days here! So come along as I wander the streets Seoul! The capital city, where I ver excited to see what is in store for me here! So lets not waste any minute of it!

Day 1:
Today I am dedicating the whole day to eating! I love eating korean food, and what better way to eat in the heart of the country that it originated! So all that I have done was wander the streets and eating at all the cool looking restaurants as much as I could handle. imgres-5.jpg2B949083F91AB23FFAACB02541DC9058.jpg2B93DA94AD251328A1E142691BAA0B86.jpg
All I have don e today was look at all the different restaurant and eat there because Korean food would have to be my second favourite type of food. There is so much flavour and its just delicious in general! From soups, to rice dishes, to BBQ it is so good and definitely satisfied my cravings!
I am just going to stay in my hotel for the rest of the night because I am very tired, so I will probably use the wifi to go on social media or watch a move online, see you tomorrow goodnight!

Day 2:
Today I'm going to have some fun and adventure at Lotte World, which is an amusement park!
It is so cute, and it looks like Disney World! I will be spending a few hours here thenI will head back to the hotel to pack to go to my number one place that i want to visit and you will see that tomorrow when I get there! So for now enjoy these photos! There are so many people her and it looks so fun and I think I will be going on some of the rides myself! It is the Disney of Korea I would say, and if you have kids they will love it here so much!
Sorry I am not blogging as much as I did, I really just want to enjoy the moment, because it is so fun here and I'm sad to leave this place! But it was a pleasure to visit this cool country! See you at my motherland!

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30 °C

Hello! I am the most excited to be here in the continent of Asia! This final continent is where i will be for the next few days before i return home! So today I will be taking you all along the journey of me going to Thailand. I am a huge fan of any type of asian food, and thai food is one of them!

Day 1:
Today I will be going to the floating market in Bangkok! This is such a neat idea to get tourist to really indulge in the Thai culture by going on a small boat and seeing the different shops and fresh fruit stands that are located in the water! There are so many cool things that I found and I can't wait to give them to my friends and family! These markets are a cool way to hang out with friends, and see all the various little markets. This is very different compared to Canada because we do not have anything like this...
I spent about an hour on one of these little boats and it was so cool, and i really recommend checking it out!

Since i started the day late, I went to the night market! We have flea markets in Toronto, but it is very different obviously because they sell different things that are relevant to the Thai culture. I picked up a few more items for my friends and family! There are so many unique things here at the market, and here I will show you some cool finds!
This place is so gigantic and is filled with so many cool shops!

Okay its time for me to sleep! It's been a long day, until tomorrow!

Day 2:
Today I will be going to the Grande Palace in Barcelona! This is a historic building where is home to the residence of the King. To see this it costs $80 but I am willing to pay to see the beautiful palace. This place is very large and beautiful, but unfortunately it was very loud and very packed with people and I was unable to take a photo of just the surrounding without any interruptions, but it was still a cool place to see!
And now for my favourite part of the day...FOOD!
I went to a restaurant called tom yum kung ran AOR, which was a place where they have soups and i love soup! Especially spicy! This was so delicious and full of seafood, my favourite!
This place is sooooo good! And if you get to stop by, you should eat here because it's amazing!
Anyways, now I will be going to a new country here in Asian, and I am so excited for the food especially in this one, because I constantly crave this back in Toronto! See you there!

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26 °C

Opa! Today I have landed in the beautiful Santorini Greece! As i have done some research and for the couple of days here I am just going to relax and take a breather. I feel like this is so important to take a rest from everything because all I have been doing this whole trip was walking around and visit different museums, foods, etc. But now here I just want to take the time to relax and admire this beautiful view.

The atmosphere is so calming, and just taking the time to meditate and think about life is so great.

One of my favourite foods is Greek food, and I am really excited to have the most authentic meal!
Here are some pictures of the food that I have eaten over the course of the days I am here:

Honestly this was just a great place to relax, walk around, and just enjoy the atmosphere. It is so beautiful here. I want to come here again, but it would be even better if I bring friends along with me!
This is the final place I will be in Europe! Although this is sad that my trip is 1/3 done, I am ready to take on the next continent to one of the places that I have been dreaming to go to my whole life! Can you guess this time? See you all there! Bye for now!

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