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27 °C

Hola! Today I began my journey travelling across to a new continent...Europe! I am so excited to experience a whole different atmosphere here in Spain! For many years now I have wanted to go to Spain, but I was not able to...but to be positive I am finally here! As I am of Filipino and Spanish decent, I want to learn about my families history, and where I come from! I am also an FC Barcelona fan, so it will be awesome to witness the big stadium and see the crowds of people wandering the streets of Barcelona, which will be where I am staying for the next couple of days!

Day 1:
While looking up the best way to view Barcelona, I read that walking around is the best way to adventure out and reach new heights! So as I begin to walk around I notice the beautiful modern architecture..spain.jpg
Here I end up infront of the most beautiful piece of art that I have ever seen in my life...Sagrada Família ! As a Catholic i feel like it is necessary to visit the most historic churches that reveal the history of where we all come from. This place is so pretty I have no words to explain my thoughts about it! There is just so much detain that is put into this Cathedral.
One I exited the church I wanted to see more of the culture through my favourite thing of all time...FOOD! I haven't really discussed what I've been eating on this trip mainly because I usually just grab a snack on the go! But this time i really wanted to experience their culture through the food that they eat. So nearby I decided to eat at a restaurant called La Paradeta Sagrada Familia! My favourite type of food is Seafood, and this restaurant just happens to be known for the seafood, I am so excited. Everything is made fresh, and i am ready to dig in!
Here is a few pictures I took while eating here:

Day 2:
Today I will be visiting the Barcelona zoo! On this trip so far i havent really gone anywhere like this so i am excited to see the different animals that are here at the zoo! Although i am against the idea of keeping animals in an enclosed area, I want to take the time to see the different wildlife that is showcased in Barcelona! Here are some pictures:
Apparently this zoo was known for the albino gorilla where there was only one but it had died in 2003. This is a cool fact because in these zoos they show very rare species of animals that you wouldn't see on a day to day basis.

Now that I have got a taste of the Spanish culture. I will be making my way east of the continent of Europe to visit a very interesting place that has been on my bucketlist as one of the places to visit. Hope you're enjoying these blogs! And if you ever get to go to these places that I have visited hope you take the same routes as me because this adventures are so fun! See you soon!

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Buenos Aires!

28 °C

Hello! Today I begin my journey travelling to Buenos Aires, Argentina! When I was in Italy last year to attend multiple dance festivals, my dance group had met another dance group, but they were from Argentina! So as we had a difficult time communicating with one another we managed to tell each other that we would visit one another one day...and that day is today! Based on what I have learned from the Argentinians last year, was that they are very passionate about their country, and this is shown through the way they speak, the dances that they perform, and the songs that they sing. But now that I am here, I want to experience their culture as I am honoured to be able to come to this beautiful country!
I will be only staying here in Argentina for two days but I will try to make the most out of it! I want to go to all of these places as fast as I can, but I want to engage in the lifestyle of different cultures at the same time!
Day 1:
Currently I have ended up in the area of La Boca. This place is so cute, I love it so much! The vibrant coloured building just ties everything together. This is what culture is all about! I love seeing different building and atmospheres from Canada because it is so different from one another! This is so cool!
You will never find something like this in Canada and I am so glad I was able to come and see this place in real life!
I was reading reviews and saw that this place is known for pickpockets so I really need to be aware of my surroundings, but this place is so beautiful to pass up.
La Boca is known for the night-life and this was such a cool place to see come alive! This place is known for tango, the Boca soccer stadium and for the street art. As I taxi back to my hotel I begin to remember all the places I have been to so far, and how much I am grateful to be going to all these places! It is truly a dream come true!

Day 2:
As I do not really explain which hotel I stay at, I want to keep that private but I will be sharing other more important things with you all! Today i will be going to a museum called MALBA. This is a museum tat showcases Latin American Art! This place is so cool, I think so far this is one of my favourite places that I have visited! You must go here if you are ever given the chance its so beautiful!
The art in this is so cool I wish it was in my house! This is just a great museum that showcases pure talent!

Now it is time to eat Argentinian foods! I ended up at the restaurant called The Argentine Experience, which is a really cool hands on experience that teaches people how to close their own empanadas and order steak in Spanish, it is such a cool concept and a great thing to witness!

This was my last night here in South America and next i will be taking over a new continent! Can you guess?? See you there!

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22 °C

Today I have landed in the beautiful country of Italy! It is very different this time around because I am actually attending a festival with my dance group here and I am so excited! There is so much fun filled activities that are on the list and I will show you all the things that I will see along my journey. Italy is such a beautiful place that is filled with history!
The first place i will be going to is Rome! This is the most famous city in Italy and it is an amazing thing to experience with friends! As i am walking by, i see the colosseum! Such beautiful architecture that is very delicate and it is filled with so much history! Here are some photos that I have taken as i am walking the streets of Rome.
There are so many other historic sites that are important to the Romans, and it was so cool to see all of this in real life. In Canada, we do not see these types of building anymore as Toronto is a newer city and is becoming more modernized, where in Rome the ancient buildings remain in the same place they did hundreds of years ago.
As a dance group after we roamed around, it was time for serious business and travel to smaller towns to perform at a folkore dance festival in cities such as Cupramontana, Pallagianello, Lamezia Terme, and Termoli. We were in these places for 2 weeks. And we basically all did the same thing everyday. Eat Italian foods, dance, go to parties, eat gelato many times a day, talk, hang out till very late at night, sleep for a few hours, then repeat! And every-so often we would visit some local sites. Here I will insert many different photographs that i have taken here in Italy. This was such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to continue on my journey around the world!
Here in Italy was where i had taken most of the pictures because it was honestly so fun to reunite with everyone with no parents in a new country!
These photos were taken outdoors in the various cities, and the different climates that make up Italy are showcased through these photos!
Here are photos from my dances in our costumes while we were about to perform for the local crowds!
And lastly here are photos of all the friends that I have made on this trip! It was truly amazing to meet all these people from different parts of the world!
On to the next country! See you there!

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29 °C

Day 1:
Hello everyone,
Today I have travelled over 9 hours and I am finally able to reveal where I will be spending the next three days! I am in sunny Colombia! I love the hot weather as in Canada we don't really experience the hot climate throughout the entire year, but here it is always hot! So today I begin my journey in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. As I did some research on this city, it is a village with beaches, a modern area, and a great place to eat and indulge into the Colombian culture! There are many ships that pass by, and I heard it is one of the safest places to visit here in Colombia. So as I begin adventuring out into the city I find a museum that looks very interesting called the "Museo de Arte Moderno". This is a museum that display the beautiful artwork in a 17th century home, and showcases a local artist Enrique Grau, who creates Latin American art.
Here are a few photos that show the beautiful artwork that was created:

Not only was I able to go to one Museum, I was also able to visit the famous Cathedral de San Pedro Claver. This is nothing like the Cathedrals back at home, it is so grand and very delicate and a very famous historical sight to visit. It is also seen as a museum in the way that there are many painting that surround the church that are very beautiful and interesting to see the various art pieces that make the Cathedral come alive.
Here are some photos of the interior and exterior of the Cathedral:

As I make my way back to the hotel, I continue to plan out the rest of my tour around the world! I have decided that I will be going to my next nearby country tomorrow as this trip will be a long while. On to the next country see you there!

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Rio de Janeiro

21 °C
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Day 1:
After 10 long hours, I have finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! I arrived at my hotel last night and I slept early so that I can wake up and start the day fresh! I had ordered room service and ate a quick breakfast so i can get the energy flowing and the adventures may begin. The first thing I want to do is visit the Christ the Redeemer monument that is located ontop of Corcovado mountain that overlooks the entire city of Rio. This is a very popular monument and it is very special to me, as I am a Catholic and there is nothing better than visiting one of the most popular wonders of the world! It is so huge, and so beautiful as it can be seen throughout the city! Wow! So eye catching, I just had to take a picture of this moment. Here is a picture that i took while I saw the statue! As there were many people here at this monument, I wanted to do some research on it when I got back to the hotel! I have learned that this monument was that it was built in 1922 and was completed in 1931, and is 98 feet! That is huge, and the fact that most people are Christian in this community makes me feel very welcomed as I have something in common with this beautiful city in Brazil!


Day 2:
As I saw the Christ the Redeemer monument yesterday, I wanted to do something different today! As the Olympics is here in Brazil, I was able to get tickets to a soccer game in Maracanã Stadium which I am very excited for! This is my first ever Olympics that I will be attending and I cannot wait to see one of Brazil's most popular sport come into action. As I have watched soccer for a few years now, I want to be able to experience a very hyped sporting event that is watched by millions of people. This is a full day event that I will be taking part in, but as I am going by myself I hope that I am able to find my way around! Here is a photo that I took when cheering on the home team!


Day 3:
These few days have gone by so quickly! I can't believe it is my last day in Brazil! As it is the last day I want to make the most out of it so I will be walking around the streets of Rio de Janeiro and seeing what new things I can find! As my hotel is very close to the Copacabana Beach I am going to spend my morning here looking out into the sunrise...This is a beautiful view!


if any of you have not been here, I highly suggest this wonderful beach as it is so calming to see with the wind blowing and the sunrise, you can't get enough of it!
As I walk away from the beach, I being to roam the street of Rio, and I stop at this cute neighbourhood called Santa Teresa, which I have heard is a very popular place to visit. I just had to come here with the samba music, the cute narrow streets, and the cute shops that I would not be able to find at home! Here is a photo of the streets during the day, very lively!


I am so tired from all the walking, but overall i have had such a wonderful experience from here in Brazil! It is so busy with the Olympics but I was still able to taste the culture and learn some new things as it is my first time coming to a South American country! But don't worry my journey has just started and tomorrow I will be heading towards a nearby country! See you then!

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